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The safest way to trade high volumes in crypto assets in Brazil.

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Revo Capital

We offer over-the-counter (OTC) trading services for high volume investors.

Our goal is to dramatically impact OTC services in Brazil. If you are an aggressive trader, operating with high digital volumes daily, we are the ideal solution for you.

What we offer




Our experienced team is highly trusted by our counterparts in the crypto and financial markets, being active since 2017.

Our rates can be compared with major exchange players, in order to assure the best return on your investment.

Broad liquidity with individualized services for investors who need a tailored-made high-volume solution, with safety and discretion.

Real Asset Service

We are authorized distributors of RAS - Real Asset Service, a stablecoin with a fixed price of R$ 1 backed in Reais (Brazilian local currency).

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